Royal Gardens Estate Lagos

Klearpics Photography Limited was commissioned by Trojan Estates Limited to document the interior, exterior and the landscape of Royal Gardens Estate in Lagos, Nigeria.  The estate is the most significant property development that the Lekki Development Corridor has seen to date and it is located on a site of 150 hectares (1,500,000 square meters) of land.


The aim is to photograph the construction of the existing buildings, show homes, facilities and the ongoing progress of this exciting new concept of lifestyle living. Klearpics  will provide Trojan Estates with vibrant and marketable shots that can be used online, in print, or at the office to produce high quality marketing materials.


We estimate taking in the region of 3,000 photographs by the time the construction is completed and some of the photographs are already available and can be viewed below.


You can visit  for more information.


Royal Gardens Estate, Lekki Lagos