Terms of Useage

klearpics.com will allow usage of images contained within this site if the following conditions are met, failure will be consider a breech of conditions of usage for which will we initite immedaite legal action;

  1. The source of the image should be clearly identified, complete with a clear clickable text hyperlink that directs back to the source of the image on the klearpics.com website;
  2. If the image requires resizing to fit your web site, you should only downsize the image (make smaller), increasing the size will destort the image which is unacceptable.
  3. The image should remain in its original state;
    • For Example:
      Cropping, changing the brightness or contrast would be unacceptable or using a klearpics.com image for a background.
  4. Good usage would be;
    • <a href=”http://www.klearpics.com/photography-gallery/polo-photography-2/african-patrons-cup-final-polo-championship-polo-photography/” title=”African Patrons Cup Final – Polo Championship Photographs”><img src=”http://www.klearpics.com/wp-content/uploads/1010-450×300.jpg” style=”height:300px;width:450px;” alt=”Polo Player on Horseback” /></a>